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Saturday, May 24, 2008

.. So it goes on crazy love for techno stuff won't end. Though I may end up in a stew for it , i continue my voyage.
The latest development is that I have bought a domain for one year, but I don't know how to configure it. The sellers are so much interested in money that for normal domain management also I have to pay them some amount. I am working on it. Will let all know when I am through with it.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Money / Career / Friends/Family

Its really a very tough choice to make ...
Money is the means on which you live.... they say "No money, no honey" early in life, you do require some money... to set up your honey factory ...but for how long can you continue ?? ... Not much .. you will get mentally tired accumulating such stuff... unless it becomes your only motive in life....
A good career is what you aspire for. You look forward to great things happening professionally to you... you have great dreams, great ambitions .... and once you fulfill one... you target the higher one ....but for how long ?? There will come a time in life when other things will take up higher priority in life than your career goals .. then ???
Your friends are there around you to support you at our time of problems and bring you out of the abyss ...they listen to you...and give you advices .. share your worries and your happineess ....but for how long ?? Sooner or later, they are going to start their own families and you will recede to the background... who will support you then ?? You have to find that out ....
Your family is perhaps the best thing that happened to you ....they think about you ..inspire and motivate you ... but then ... theres a limit to it ...beyond a certain point, you dont feel that these advices are applicable to you sulk .. you revolt.... or you meekly surrender and do whatever they say .... But for how long ?? ... 20 or 30 years down the line, they will pass away .. leaving fond memories....and you have to take your own decision ...
So finally ... YOU have to decide whats your PRESENT priority and how it can transform smoothly into the future ....You have pass through all these stages.. and leave one behind the other at their own time. Each period has to be enjoyed at their appropriate time ....

There's a child in Everyone ..

Some of the very thoughts that come when you think of a child is the innocent creature that god has created. Someone who is unaware of this big bad world and he dreams .... dreams that stretch from the sky to the seas .. crossing endless horizons .... taking a peek at things lying all around, without 'trying to realize what they are!
Antics of children make others happy.... it brings in a relief of smile on the face of the ever tired, ever frustrated people .... depressed with their daily run of life ...
I choose this characteristic which I want to carry on for ever. Its really great to bring smiles on the face of people, without making them realize that you are trying hard to do so .... a huge burden is lightened. Make all your weaknesses your strength....I call this weakness, because in today's world, love has lost its value.... it is considered a weakness by most, but I feel that this love can be moulded to bring out the best in people !!
A small sentence may strike a chord in the heart. In fact it just creates a small flutter, when you say it in a funny tone, but when you think over it, it has got some deep meaning. So when you behave like a child, its upto the people around you to interpret it in their own manner. You have to be consistent in keeping people around you jolly and in a very jovial mood. But beneath this layer is a person full of emotions and sentiments which oozes out when squeezed.....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

When I am in Love !!!!

What happens when I am in love ? Is it the first time this is happening to me ? No ... not at all .... You cannot exactly define what is love .. there is a very thin line that exists between friendship, love, affection, emotion etc. The following are the symptoms which come up when you pass through these stages....

1. You think of her... whenever you dont have no "work"
2. You try to imagine the moments of interaction ...
3. You try to find the good qualitites in her...
4. You wait impatiently for her mail
5. You wait impatiently for her SMS
6. You try to learn more about her
7. You are so curious to dwelve into her personal ife
8. You tend to he happy , when she is around
9. You tend to have a heavy heart when she is not around
10. You exclaim why God hasn't made every lady like her
11. You become angry when she hides things from you
12. You feel you cannot live without her
13. You are happy to spend time with her alone
14. You don't feel how time has passed by , with her around you and you start looking forward to the next meeting
15. You contemplate what she might be thinking of you and try to gather information on the matter from indirect sources
16. You assure yourself that she is a good friend only
17. Every action seems to be a signal for you that the person is thinking about you
18. You are over awed with her skills, whatever they may be....
19. You feel terrible, try to retract into your shell, when your calculations and assumptions go wrong about her
20. You start to feel jealous, when someone else is around her...
21. You want to keep track of her whereabouts ..
22. You try to avoid thoughts about the time when you will be separated ..

This can go on and on ....
There is no end to it ....You can flirt around with many people at the same time , but deep within, inside the core, that strong bond attacts you towards that person , with whom you are in love. You forget to take her approaches in the same sense as other relations. You expect more. You think bigger things.
Your peace of mind is disturbed. The only thought that overrides evrything is HER.

Love you Darling. Wherever you are. Only I know deep within myself, how much I love you :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Food Bonanza !!

Lord's Tower, my Apartment, is situated at an important junction, known as the "Court More" on Burnpur Road, in Asansol. As the name of my apartment suggests .... its truly a place to lord over. From morning to evening, just as you turn around, water starts dripping from your mouth. All that I shall speak about now is situated within a radius of 25 - 30 m. Beleive me... i am not joking.
I start off from the rightmost shop. It sells Mother Diary brand paneer and Misti Doi. Next is the Pastry shop - MINAR's ... where they have delicious pastries as well as Indian and foreign chocolates. The next shop has varieties of roll - eggroll , chicken roll etc.
Crossing the street, that goes to the Hindustan Park, we have a person selling "Ghugni" and " Boil Anda". Not to mention the 2 phuchka walas ( golgappa) sitting on either side of the main road.
Now comes the 3 main shops.
The two shops side by side , sell sweets which are of very good quality. In the evenings, these are flooded with kachoris and samosas. It would be unfair if i forget to mention the bright red jalebis that lie there to be devoured. You can't come out of these mithai dukans unless you have had something. The Rasgullas, langchas, kheer kadam, chenar toast, sandwich, lobongo latika... they all try to outstage one another in terms of their tastes.
Next in line is the famous "Sugar and Spice". Most of us have probably become a fan of the Mutton Salami Kababs, the chicken Tikka Crossants and the Paneer Rezalas by now. And how on earth can anyone forget their pastries ? Its like manna from heaven! The taste of the chocolate Rum balls, the pineappale tarts , the chocolate almond and the classic orange cakes are truly unforgettable.
Beside these we have many shops selling Cold drinks and ice-cream to provide relief to the common man in this severe heat.
Then comes a small shack selling Rotis from the evening. There you can see long lines of people eager to buy the tadka, the chilli chicken, the Aloo matar etc. etc. The smaller the shop, the bigger is the business .. thats their common theme.
Beside this , we have the Banerjee Restaurant, where one can savour with full delight a plate of fish and rice and with equal delight, chicken butter masala and tandoori roti. Its what you wish.
There are two 'thelas' selling chops ( fish, chicken , mutton, veg, aloo, prawn, jackfruit and brinjal chops !!) What a variety ! Beside that you have a shop selling chowmein ( chicken, egg and veg). You should see the queue in the evenings . Its mindblowing.
Finally to end, the last shop is a departmental store, which is situated on the ground floor of our apartment. There you can have a lot of good biscuits, bhujias and all sorts of dry snacks. Recently they have also started selling cold drinks and ice creams !!

So , when you have all these around you, what else do you need ? And it reflects on my figure as well. I cant do anything except gain those extra pounds. Kya karen ..... CONTROL hi nahi hota !!

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Adventures of Tintin

Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles !!!!!
Thats a famous quote or rather slang from one of the most loved comics on this planet.I am a great fan of the young reporter called Tintin and his friend Captain Haddock. These comic characters,created by Herge has influenced all our lives some time or the other. I just created a Webpage to upload all Tintin Comics. You can access them at :
Hope you have a nice time enjoying the Adventures of Tintin !!
Long live Tintin, long live Snowy and long live Captain Haddock

Monday, April 03, 2006

Gyaan Paapi !!

A gyan paapi is a sinner, who does unwanted things, even after knowing that these things are wrong, and i happen to be one of them. I can list out a few of those mistakes, that i commit regularly , knowing fully well that these can be harmful to me !!

1. I am having all fried food these days. These can increase my blood cholestrol
2. I am fond of sweets. These can increase my blood sugar
3. I eat a lot of nuts ( cashew, peanuts almond ) these days. The contain enormous amount of fats
4. I love eggs. They are slow poison, bringing many diseases
5. I love sitting in front of my computer. This can severely affect my eyes.
6. I am lazy with little or no movement. It is making me obese.
7. I am not having exercises. My joints are becoming immobile, arthritis might set in.
8. I love Ice-creams and chocolates. They can affect my heart.
9. I am not working on my project. My performance may not be up to the mark.
10. I am trying to flirt. It is making me suffer from loss of concentration !!

I have to help myself. There's nobody else who can dig me out of this.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Is Computers Slowing us down ?

I would start by saying that i am not going to place my points in favour of the computers, because everybody is aware of it. Computers reduce time, helps in replicating fast blah blah blah blah .......

I am putting forward a few points which really need some retrospection :

It had slowed us down. Even for simple calculation like adding or multiplying two numbers, we feel the urge to use a calculator/computer. This strong urge has to be killed first before we start our mental calculations. Here we are losing precious time.

Why do we say that Indians are more intelligent the Americans? The situation is not at all like that. Americans are also as intelligent as us, but the only difference is that they have become too much reliant on machines. They trust machines more than themselves. That loss in self confidence has reduced their creativity to a large extent.

Till now , by and large, computers hadn't penetrated the masses in India. So people were using their mind power more. With the coming of the computers, people are becoming dependent on the computers. Such is the extent that even small tasks are becoming difficult to accomplish without them ! That time is not far when students from the underdeveloped countries will come and take up the reins of the education and research system in India, just as India is slowly climbing up the ladder in the US !!

Our mind is such a complex machine, nothing can replace it. Its above everything. When you are seeing something, or drawing a line or arc, you dont even think twice about the co-ordinates across which your hand is moving. Your eyes ees it and estimates it instantly. Machnes have to actually process such information. Each and every move is calculated. These calculations are done after the user gives input in terms of discrete numbers. Its really pathetic.

For large tasks, its impossible to acheive without computers. But for small tasks, we have to stop using the computers. It shall keep your grey cells active and open to new ides, which you shall apply in a larger context with the help of computers !!!